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3DVIA Shape 6.210

An innovative software that makes 3D design easy for anyone
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3DVIA Shape is an innovative software that makes 3D design easy for anyone. It’s the perfect application for people new to 3D, as well as experienced 3D specialists.
Deform - Create smooth, curved surfaces for boats, planes, rockets or anything else that comes to mind.
Revolve - Draw flat shapes and revolve them around an axis to form cylindrical 3D objects such as cones, spheres, cups, vases, etc.
Offset - With ease, create windows, doors, picture frames, etc. with the ability to thicken, curve and manipulate shapes within shapes for depth.
Mirror Geometry - Create perfectly symmetrical objects by modeling half of their geometry then mirroring and combining it with the other half.
Distance Snapping - Accurately design 3D models with precise display and measurement tools. Know exactly where on the grid you are drawing and to what scale.
Draw on Curved Surfaces - Control deformed surfaces with the ability to draw lines on them where needed.
Search and Remix from 3DVIA.com - Use pre-existing models on 3DVIA.com as a base to start your design, or add models into your current scene to create a 3D environment.
Paint Models - Bring your models to life by adding color or textures. Choose colors or photorealistic textures, such as wood, tile or glass, from the 3DVIA Shape paint library and apply them to your model, or upload your own.
Share Models Online - Publish finished models directly to 3DVIA.com. It’s a perfect way to share and receive feedback.

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